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You should know that a drunk driving arrest in North Carolina is more than merely an embarrassment: drunk driving charges can seriously affect your livelihood (possible loss of a professional license or a meaningful way to get about town to conduct your business), your financial security and your freedoms. If convicted, your driver's license will absolutely be suspended; you will incur substantial fines and mandatory incarceration. You will have to deal with complications involving the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles in order to get your license back to valid status, and your job may be at stake.

Our Asheboro DWI attorneys have years of experience defending against DWI charges for their clients. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights at every stage, from arrest through trial, from the police station to the courtroom. You can rely on our Asheboro Drunk Driving attorneys to begin building your defense today.

What Is the Difference Between a DWI and a DUI? Nothing! They are one and the same. Each describes the identical offense. Years ago, the acronym in vogue to describe the offense of drunk driving was DUI. For unknown reasons, the acronym moved over to DWI (some other states still call the offense as DWI). Do any of these acronyms matter? Not a bit. They all describe the very same offense: drunk driving.

It is also important to know that the term "drunk driving" tends to be a bit misleading. A person doesn't have to be "drunk" or "wasted" to commit this offense.

All that is required is that:

"The accused consumed alcohol to the point that it adversely affected and appreciably impaired the person's actions, reactions, or mental process under the circumstances then existing and deprived him/her of that clearness of the intellect and control of himself/herself which he/she would otherwise have possessed."

If Randolph county proves the truth of this charge beyond a reasonable doubt (meaning the jury members find that "YES," you were impaired), then they vote guilty. On the other hand, if Randolph county has not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, or your very smart and dedicated defense lawyer has managed to create or otherwise demonstrate reasonable doubt to the jury, then the answer to the above jury instruction is "no" and the jury will then vote "not guilty".

There is an additional type of DWI charge to consider: the numerical charge, which entails a person testing over the legal limit on either a blood test, breath test machine or a urine sample. Unlike the "impairment" charge which is based upon the subjective determination of a police officer, this charge is complicated and based in chemical & medical sciences. It is therefore important to retain an attorney knowledgeable in these sciences who is capable of finding any errors present in Randolph County's case.

Stay Out of Jail • Keep Your License • Minimize Your Fines

Our Asheboro, NC DWI attorney will do all they can to protect your rights, from the moment you are arrested until your case is finished. Our Asheboro DWI lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of DWI crimes, including:

Which Asheboro DWI lawyer you retain may make a difference in the results of your case and the penalties you incur. Aggressive DWI defense is important from day 1.

Time is of the essence. If you have been charged with a DWI you need aggressive and effective criminal defense. Do not wait to protect your rights or risk jail time, excessive fines or loss of your license. Our Asheboro DWI lawyers can help you keep your life together. CALL today.

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