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NC DMV Driving Points Asheboro Traffic Lawyers 

Traffic tickets you receive can leave a long-lasting legacy in the form of points on your driving record.
On this page, you'll learn about the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles' (DMV) point system and its effect on your driving privileges.

Points & NC Driver License Suspension

Are you accustomed to driving yourself around? If so, accumulating enough points on your record could seriously affect your day-to-day routine.
The NC DMV will suspend your driver's license if you accrue:

The length of the suspension will depend on how many times your license has previously been suspended:

Check out our suspended license guide to learn about reinstating your driving privileges.
Automatic License SuspensionRegardless of the number of points on your record, the NC Division of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend your driving privileges if you're ticketed for offenses like:

The amount of time you're without driving privileges depends on the seriousness of the offense you commit. Take a look at the North Carolina DMV's drivers handbook for a complete list of mandatory license suspensions and their corresponding time periods.

North Carolina DMV Point Schedule

The severity of each traffic offense determines the number of points it carries. Below are some common traffic tickets and their corresponding point values in North Carolina. For the comprehensive point schedule, refer to the NC DMV's drivers handbook.
Remember, if you receive a citation in another state, the Division of Motor Vehicles may still count points against you.

NOTECommercial drivers could face increased point penalties and mandatory license suspension for certain traffic offenses. See our suspended CDL guide for tips on reinstating your license.
Tickets with Fewer PointsHere are some examples of traffic violations that add relatively fewer points to your NC driving record:

Tickets with More PointsBelow are a few examples of traffic tickets that add the most points to your NC driving record:

DID YOU KNOW: Your auto insurance provider looks at the number of points on your record while deciding how much to charge you for coverage.

Read up on the effect traffic tickets can have on your car insurance rates, especially if you've received citations in the past!

Clean Up Your NC Driving Record

If you have 7 points on your record, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles may allow you to take a driver improvement clinic for a fee of $65. You must schedule a conference with a DMV hearing officer to request enrollment in the clinic.
Successful completion of the driver improvement clinic removes 3 points from your NC driving record.
The NC DMV allows you to take a driver improvement clinic for point reduction once every 5 years.

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